Catalogues For Bad Credit UK

Information on two top Catalogues For Bad Credit UK Companies will lighten your day up even if you have a bad credit score.

UK based bad credit catalogues!

Is it your catalogue credit account refused recently?

Here are some information’s that can help you in this kind of situation.

If we compare someone who has a perfect credit rating with someone who’s having a poor credit score it is obvious that person with bad credit score has a limited choices when is trying to buy something.

But important is, that that person still can buy items by using a bad credit catalogues.

Online catalogues bad credit is available to anyone who is willing to submit the application.

Read more about the two best Catalogues For Bad Credit UK that can accept people with bad credit rating:

DialaTV and the BrightHouse.

Both of these companies can offer you a Pay Weekly options and enable you to spread the cost of your shopping with pay weekly or pay monthly options and installments.

Comparing to the other credit catalogues listed in this article, DialaTV and the BrightHouse, as you will find out, are much more sympathetic to your situation.

Even if you have a poor credit score.

Both of these companies will consider your application .

BrightHouse Catalogues For Bad Credit UK

Catalogues For Bad Credit UK - BrightHouse

Brighthouse is a weekly payment store where you can purchase a great number of products even from the top name brands like Sony Playstation, Nintendo, Samsung, Beko, Hotpoint, LG, Microsoft Xbox and many more.

For the people with bad credit, they have a high acceptance rate and offering products such as: Computers, Consoles, Televisions, Mobile phones, Tablets, Freezers, Washing machines, Ovens, Beds, Sofas and Vacuum cleaners.

Buying from BrightHouse is pretty simple. First you need to sign up for a Hire Purchase agreement and than choose dynamic for your payments. You can pay monthly fortnightly or weekly. Choose what works best for you having in mind how often you are paid.

Serving a customer base of more than 270,000 customers and with over 300 stores in every part of the the UK, BrightHouse is a great and very popular choice for people with low incomes, or people who have a less than perfect credit score.

How to apply?

To be able to shop you need to apply in-store or online. After you apply and once your credit has been agreed, choose the items you need and simply visit your local BrightHouse store. Search for the products in their showroom and select the ones you want. Delivery and installation to your home address is ensured even for the transport of the big, bulky and heavy items. Will be continued shortly with the review about Catalogues For Bad Credit UK.

1) Complete your application by starting the one, online or in the store. You will need to visit the store if you complete your application online on the base of scheduled appointment. Better option, if you can physically visit the store, is to show up and than the personnel in the store will finish application for you, right there.

2) Showing up in the store on your scheduled appointment will occur right after finishing the credit check. There, the personnel will finalize checks that are needed for concluding your credit agreement. Two things are important in that phase. First you will need the identification document for verifying your identity. Second, you will need documents for your income proof. Check out the documents you will need bellow:

3) For the photo ID you will need to take your passport or a drivers license. Address proof will be your mortgage statement or tenancy agreement. For the Provide ID you will need your bank statement. Depending on the type of your loan rate, (monthly or weekly payment), you will need your recent wage slips. Last 3 wage sleeps if you are going to pay monthly or a last 4 wage slips if you are going to pay weekly. Other options for a Provide ID are a proof of pension, benefit award letter or home contents insurance policy, if you posses one.

4) When bad credit is approved it is time for you to choose the product you wish to buy. Wide range of products is available at the BrightHouse offer, such as TV and Audio equipment, Games consoles, computers, kitchen appliances and even the furniture. Your bad credit payday loans and the specific length of the agreement (different for weekly or monthly payment for your products), depending solely of the product price.

So lets summarize:

1. Complete the credit check
2. Visit the shop
3. Sign the forms
4. Choose your product
5. Wait for delivery

When all of the above is completed, you are ready to receive your product. All you need to do is to wait for delivery. Delivery is normally within a one week, 7 days, if the local shop near you have your product in stock.

Brighthouse Other Offers

With over the 250 high street stores in their portfolio there are high chances that you might get set up and installation of the product in your home, such as, tuning your Smart TV or connecting the washing machine, together with the free delivery. Average delivery time is one week.

What else is included in the cash price of your product at BrightHouse catalogues with bad credit UK?

Product replacement in case of a theft or fire is available with no excess to pay and no administration fees. Free repair is also an option. If your product broke and become unuseful you can arrange a home visit and they will fix your product. You are eligible for unlimited repairs. If your product can’t be fixed during the home visit you will get the replacement product with similar specifications.

If you want to know are you qualified, you can simply submit your application by visiting online address at:, or physically visit Brighthouse high street stores near you.

DialaTV Catalogues For Bad Credit UK

Another great catalogue bad credit UK based company is DialaTV.